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All colors are not shown, specifically pre-1930 variations. Creek Chub lures came in many shades of the same color. I have shown most cataloged colors and non-cataloged colors known to exist.

I am not perfect. If you see any mistakes, please email me. The images are low resolution, but should give you a good idea. My Color Guides are printed at a much higher resolution, which can be purchased.


00 Chub



00 Pikie



Very Common
01 Perch Older c1917-20's Typically found on Wiggler
01 Perch Newer c1920's-78 Very Common
02 Red Head, White Older c1917-78
02 Red Head, White * Common c1917-78 Very Common
02 Red Head, White Newer c1917-78
03 Silver Shiner Older c1924-78
03 Silver Shiner Newer c1924-78
04 Golden Shiner Common c1917-78
05 Red Side Older c1917-50 It has a Greener Back than shown.
05 Red Scale ? ? ? Help Me with this COLOR?
05 Dace Newer c1931-78
06 Goldfish Older c1922-54
06 Goldfish Newer c1922-54
06 Gold Scale Common c1962-78 In 1962 and 1963 it was listed as 04G.
07 Mullet Common c1918-78
07 Mullet Newer c1918-78
08 Rainbow Older c1924-78 Silver or Greyish Back
08 Rainbow Newer c1924-78 Blue Back
09 Brilliant Greenback Common c1917-54 Need a Better Image
09 Shad Common c1962-78 Offered with shades of Blue and Green
09 Shad Variation c1962-78 Notice Glitter
09 Shad Variation c1962-78 More Blue than Usual
10 Blue Head, White * Older c1922-45 No Eye Slanted Blue Head is Older and more Rare
10 Blue Head, White * Common c1922-45
10 or G Gray Common c1957-78
10 Amber Flash Common c1959-62 Typically found on Striper Strike
11 White Head, Black * Common c1922-55
11 Purple Common c1968-78 Typically found on Injured Minnows
12 Red Common c1917-45 RARE, Watch for Repaints!
12RE White, Red Eye Common c1973-78
13 Black Common c1924-78
14 Yellow Spotted Older c1924-78
14 Yellow Spotted Newer c1924-78
15 through 16 Crawdad c1919-55 See Misc. Colors
15 or TA Tan Common c197? This COLOR was shown in 1976?
16 or BA Banana Common c1970-78 Typically found on Striper Strike
17 Nite-Glo Common c1937-45 See Misc. Colors
17 Coachdog Common c1961-78
18 Silver Flash Common c1927-78 Very Common
19 Frog Common c1924-78 TOUGH for Pikie
20 Green Gar Gar c1929-53 See Misc. Colors
20 or M Mackerel Common c1958-78
21 Day-N-Nite Common c1927-54 Same as 18, but Glows.
21 or FR Fluorescent Red Common c1970-78 Typically found on Tiny Tim
22 Luminous Red Head Common c1931-54 TOUGH Color!
22 or FG Fluorescent Green Common c1970-78 Typically found on Tiny Tim
23 or FY Fluorescent Yellow Common c1970-78 Typically found on Tiny Tim
24 Redwing Blackbird Common c1941-54
24 or S Shrimp Common c1963-78 Typically found on Cray-Z-Fish
25 White Scale Common c1941-54 Awesome Color!
25 White, Black Eye Common c1976-78
26 through 28 Tiny Tim c1941-54 See Tiny Tim Colors
29 Victory Bomber c1942 See Misc. Colors
30 Orange, Black Spots * Common c1952-78
30 Orange, Black Spots Newer c1952-78
31 Rainbow Fire Common c1950-54 Impossible to Clean
32 Fire Plug Common c1950-54 Impossible to Clean
33 Black Scale Newer c1952-78
34 Blue Flash Common c1953-78
35 Purple Eel Common c1953-78
36 Black Sucker Spin Deepster c1953-55 See Misc. Colors
37 Yellow Flash Common c1953-78
38 Pearl Older c1953-78
38 Pearl Newer c1953-78
39 Tiger Stripe Common c1959-78
40 Chrome Common c1964-78 Also Available with Blue Side Stripes
41 through 42 Wiggle Diver c1959-62 See Misc. Colors
41 or AM Amber Common c1976-78 Typically found on Striper Strike
42 Psychie Pikie Common c1976-78 Test Color for Creek Chub
43 Strawberry Common c1975-78
44 Whitefish Common c1975-78 Silver Scales, also available with No Pink
50 through 55 Beetle c1939-54 See Beetle Colors

* 02 Red Head, White; 10 Blue Head, White; 11 White Head, Black; and 30 Orange, Black Spots were dipped at an angle on earlier models.

Most color codes were different for pre-1925 lures. All colors shown were not offered on the Pikie. For unique colors to a particular body style, check out my pages on Beetle Colors, Tiny Tim Colors, and Misc. Colors.

Some dates were adopted from Harold Smith, "Collector's Guide to Creek Chub Lures & Collectibles, 1997"

If you can help with question marks, please email me with information from source obtained, preferably an old catalog.

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