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Creek Chub lures came in many shades of the same color. Shown below are a small listing of colors that were unique to a particular lure, and some non-cataloged colors.

I am not perfect. If you see any mistakes, please email me. The images are low resolution, but should give you a good idea. My Color Guides are printed at a much higher resolution, which can be purchased.


00 Natural Crab Crawdad c1917-64
00 Natural Shiner Open Mouth Shiner c1918-31
00 Pollywog Poly Wiggle c1924-31 Tanish Color with Greenish hand painted marks
00 Frog Darter c1924-32 Original Frog Color
00 Bug Creek Bug Wiggler c1924-45
00 Natural Gar Gar c1927-53
00 Yellow Bug Weed Bug c1927-35
00 Yellow Bug Wee Dee c1936-46
00B Black Sucker Sucker c1932-33
00R Red Pickerel Pikie 2600/2700 c1931-55 Thick Flash on Head!
00Y Yellow Pickerel Pikie 2600/2700 c1931-55 Thick Flash on Head!
00Y Yellow Sucker Scale Sucker c1932-33
01 Albino* Crawdad c1918-? See 02 Albino
02 Tan, Shell Finish* Crawdad c1919-? See 15 Tan Crab
02 Albino Crawdad c1920's-54 Came with either Red or Black Bead Eyes
02 Red Stripe, White Darter c1920's Some people call this rare, but many out there.
02 Red & White Creek Bug Wiggler c1924-45
02 Red & White Blended Injured Minnow ?
02 Red & White Blended 2600 ? Typically found with DLT, some may call it Specail Order!
03 River Peeler, Shell Finish* Crawdad c1924-? See 16 River Peeler
14 Yellow Spotted with Ribs Injured Minnow c1950-53
15 Tab Crab Crawdad c1920's-54
15 Plain Luminous Flat Side Chub c1925-30 See 17 Plain Nite-Glo
16 River Peeler Crawdad c1920's-54 Similar and ever hue in between
17 Plain Nite-Glo Injured Minnow c1937-45 This Color GLOWS!
18 Silver Flash Surfsters c1953-68 18 Surfster Silver Flash.GIF (5332 bytes)
20 Green Gar Gar c1929-53
29 Victory Bomber c1942 Morse Code for VICTORY
34 Blue Flash Surfsters c1953-68 34 Surfster Blue Flash.GIF (6172 bytes)
35 Purple Eel Surfsters c1953-59
36 Black Sucker Spin Deepster c1953-55 Need a Better Image!
41 Red & Yellow Wiggle Diver c1959-62
42 Black & Yellow Wiggle Diver c1959-62
GP Glo-Pearl Mice c1957-78 Help
T Tiger Mice c1957-78 Help

* Indicates same color, but listed as another code later.


Gray, Black Eye Special Injured Minnow
Silver, Red Eye Special Midget Darter Found on Concave Belly Darter
White, Black Spots Special Midget Darter and Midget Plunker Also found on Midget Plunker, Boxes may be Printed with SWB SPECIAL
Yellow, Black Spots Special Midget Darter
BSO Black Spotted Special Midget Darter May have been offered on 2600 Jtd. Pikie as well.
BW Black, White Stripes Special Midget Darter
Yellow, Black Stripes Special Darter
Red Head, Frog Scale Special Darter Looks Like Heddon, but it is Creek Chub
White, Black Stripes Special Plunker
Red Devil Western Auto Crawdad
Skunk Western Auto Baby Dinger
Ghost Western Auto Baby Dingbat
38 Pearl Special Baby Dingbat
Sun Spot Western Auto Baby Dingbat
Sable Western Auto Surface Dingbat Also found on 7000 The Seven Thousand
Yellow Skunk Western Auto Surface Dingbat
Other Special Order Colors See Special Order
Any Special Order Color Help

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