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This web site is strictly dedicated to antique fishing lures with an emphasis on lure colors from the top manufacturers of the day, covering the most collectible baits from the very beginning. I do not access values, as they change frequently, but focus on the history and dates produced from old catalogs.

Some of the most collectible lures from Fred Arbogast and Company include: Jitterbug, Tin Liz, Hula-Popper, Hula-Dancer, and Hawaiian Wiggler.

Some of the most collectible lures from Creek Chub Bait Company include: Pikie, Beetle, Tiny Tim, Dingbat, Dinger, Wiggler, Wee-Dee, Weed Bug, Wigglefish, Darter and Fly Rod Baits.

Some of the most collectible lures from James Heddon and Company include: Punkinseed, Crazy-Crawler, River Runt, Vamp, Dowagiac Underwater Minnow, Lucky 13, Basser, Tadpolly, Sonic, Torpedo, Spin-Diver and Fly Rod Baits.

Some of the most collectible lures from Paw Paw Bait Company include: Caster, Wotta-Frog, Bullhead, Natural Hair Mouse, Croaker, Shiner, and Fly Rod Baits.

Some of the most collectible lures from Pflueger include: Pal-O-Mine, Globe, Kent Frog, Wizard Wiggler, Catalina, Mustang, and Poprite.

Some of the most collectible lures from Shakespeare Company include: Revolution, Evolution, Bass-A-Lure, Kazoo, Egyptian Wobbler, Midget Spinner, River Pup, Dopey, Grumpy, Swimming Mouse, Tantalizer, and Waukazoo.

Some of the most collectible lures from South Bend Bait Company include: Bass-Oreno, Babe-Oreno, Surf-Oreno, Wiz-Oreno, Pike-Oreno, Whirl-Oreno, Plunk-Oreno, Truck-Oreno, Plug-Oreno, Lunge-Oreno, Pantella, and Underwater Minnow.

There are many other collectible lures from manufacturers like: Abbey & Imbrie, Al Foss, C.A. Clark, Florida Fishing Tackle Company, Moonlight Bait Company, P & K, Joseph Pepper, Porter Bait Company, Rhodes, Smithwick Lures, Charles M. Wilcox, Winchester Bait and Mfg. Co., Wright and McGill, and many more. Time and resources doesn't permit me to expand on these companies. My knowledge of lures is limited, but there are many great books that cover most of the antique lures in more detail.

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